Examples from our mobile locksmith service


Here are some examples of our professional locksmith installations we have completed at various sites for residential, small business, commercial or strata and building managers. Our locksmith expertise is broader than just door hardware so this enables us to look at your location with a holistic approach to improving your security.

Scope Security uses high quality, typically non-retail, locksmith products to create tailored solutions for residential, commercial or small business requirements.  We deliver exceptional levels of professional service and care. Compare our credentials with others, we are fully qualified and registered


Gate repairs

In this example the builder didn’t measure correctly which left a gap between the striker and gate. Instead of making major changes to the installation our mobile locksmith service created a hand crafted striker to remedy the problem of the gate not closing properly.

Forced entry door repairs

It’s unfortunate but sometimes doors get damaged due to forced entry. It’s not always necessary to replace the whole door and frame. In this example we created a customised locksmith repair to enable the normal operation of door, lock and striking mechanism.

Custom fit door closers

Sometimes doors can be fitted to really tight spaces but you still want a particular closing mechanism installed by a locksmith. Unlike the retailers who have a set range we have access to thousands of professional products that are designed for various purposes, like this one where a door closer was required to fit this low profile ceiling.

Skylight cable locks

Did you know you can secure skylights? One of the benefits a locksmith provides is access to thousands of products beyond the basic ones found in retail. In this example we installed a skylight cable lock to improve the security of this rental property.

Timber door hardware lock installations

Some of the doors we come across are just beautiful. It pays to have a professional locksmith install your hardware to ensure there is no damage done to what is a statement piece a lot of the time. Here’s an example of the type of door locks we can supply and install, we have access to thousands of products.

Lock or door hardware repairs

Lock and door hardware repairs – yes we can. You’d be surprised how many different types of repairs we can carry out to existing door, window or building elements that relate to locks, strikers and security mechanisms. Here are a few recent examples – you don’t always have to replace them, a qualified locksmith will know what to do in most cases.

More photos from our Sydney locksmith service.

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