Access Control Security Systems

Access control systems come in different forms and provide enhanced levels of security for your home, small business or commercial property. You can choose from a mechanical master key system, digital code locks or electronic swipe to proximity access systems.

Electronic access control systems can be placed on one door or many doors over multiple facilities allowing you to restrict access based on the guidelines you define. These systems provide a tool or method to control the access or movement of staff, contractors or people in an environment to improve your security management and can even include things like alarm monitoring or intercom systems.

An audit trail is a key feature provided with some electronic access control systems that show every time a door/s was accessed, or access was denied, and by whom. This is delivered via the critical infrastructure we can install that becomes part of your management systems to enhance your security and control. It is just one of the many security solutions we can provide as a professional integrator. 

Restricted Key System
Restricted Key System
Restricted Key System

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