Here are our tips to avoid a locksmith scam in Sydney

Here are a few steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of a locksmith scam in Sydney. While it may seem like a great offer to choose a cheap price it may not be a legitimate locksmith that arrives to do the job.

There are lots of consumer complaints with examples that have been reported on national television or other media where a simple call out fee turns into hundreds of dollars in door lock or frame repairs from poor locksmith services typically from unmarked vehicles.

The practice can be referred to as ‘bait and switch’ where there is a very cheap call out fee, but numerous charges incurred afterwards.

“I’ve seen and heard about so many people getting caught out from cheap prices they click on from Google Ads to then find out the person turns up in their family sedan, rips the lock out of the door & tries to extort money for new hardware. It leaves people in a helpless situation and vulnerable.” 

Tom Russo. Locksmith & Director of Scope Security Pty Ltd

Check the locksmith's company name

Is it a local locksmith with a registered ABN and ACN number? You might see the listing on Google as 'Reliable Sydney Locksmith' but an ad doesn't represent a real company. Check if they are trading by visiting the free ABN look up service provided by the Australian Government

Find out the local company name

If you speak to them on the phone, do they immediately mention their company name and are you speaking to the locksmith? You might receive a generic response or message which could be from a call centre that doesn't represent an individual locksmith or the person that will do the actual job.

Do they have a current NSW Police Security License Number?

All locksmiths are required to be licensed in NSW by the Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED) of the NSW Police Force. Their licence must be displayed clearly on their vehicle. There are strict requirements to receive a license including;

  • Fingerprinting to confirm their identity
  • A national criminal history record check
  • A check of the NSW Police Force’s criminal intelligence holdings.
  • You can verify any information provided for free via Service NSW here;

Are they a member of the Locksmith Guild of Australia?

Certified Practising Locksmiths have demonstrated that they have appropriate trade and other training, trade experience, involvement in the Guild activities and the locksmith community. They are typically able to provide the best customer service available. You can check their membership here on the Guild website

Is the locksmith being sent by a group or conglomerate?

In this situation what may occur is the locksmith will be working on fixed service charges or prices which could lead to restricted decision making in relation to resolving your locksmith requirement.

Do they have written reviews on their website, Google and other places?

In some cases a call centre may send someone who isn't qualified, doesn't have an ABN or ACN, no training or even the right tools. If you can't identify a business name with brand or company profiles with reviews then you should be wary.

Do they have a mobile locksmith van and equipment?

There are lots of reports of people turning up with little more than a basic tool box rather than purpose built equipment and tooling. This could indicate the person is perhaps not fully qualified or prepared to handle typical locksmith requirements.

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